We offer comprehensive services tailored to the Contemporary collectors. While many of our clients already possess a clear understanding of the aesthetic, intellectual and investment benefits of collecting Contemporary art, we assist clients in the purchase and sale of single works within the parameters of their existing collections, and introduce them to the works of emerging, international contemporary artists that exhibit strong elements of quality, unique philosophy and investment potential.

With access to comprehensive databases and market research, we thoroughly research an artist or individual works’ provenance and exhibition history so that clients may make the most informed decision whether to include that artists’ work in their collections. Additionally, clients benefit from our professional attention to condition reports, valuation, special accommodation, shipping, inspection, professional framing and technical installation, and continuing care of their artwork.

For the clients with strong, developed collections, we develop collection maintenance protocols, registry and databases, and produce cataloI offer comprehensive services tailored to the Contemporary collectors. We arrange exhibitions of collections, supervise and execute the loan of individual pieces in your collections to museums and, with our extensive connections within the world’s leading auction houses, act as your agent for acquisitions or sales from your collection.